There is hope.

Throughout life we may endure many negative experiences that can result in recognized or unrecognized trauma. Sometimes we don't realize the depth and the impact of those experiences until we notice the disruption in our everyday life, our relationships, work, and our health. A number of clients have described an overwhelming sense of despair; however, there is hope!

I provide a number of evidence-based approaches through a holistic lens that helps provide relief and healing.  

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The effects of unresolved trauma can be devastating. It can affect our habits and outlook on life, leading to addictions and poor decision-making. It can take a toll on our family life and interpersonal relationships. It can trigger real physical pain, symptoms, and disease. And it can lead to a range of self destructive behaviors.
— Peter Levine, Ph. D., Healing Trauma: A Pioneering Program for Restoring the Wisdom of Your Body.