Welcome to Grand Valley Holistic Counseling. We recognize a person is not simply identified by one aspect and that is why we operate from a whole person approach. We look at one's physiological, psychological, social, and spiritual background. In addition, we employ a client-centered approach that utilizes evidence based practices to heal the whole person, also known as the Mind, Body, and Spirit. 

The Mind.


Our mind is shaped by our experiences and help form our thoughts, beliefs, and influence our actions. Often times, these experiences can be negative and can create roadblocks or alter our path from a healthy and productive life.

Counseling can help you work through these experiences and help create appropriate cognitive skills to help respond to life stressors that can help reshape your outlook which supports the happy and healthy life you deserve. 


The Body.


The body plays a key role in our physical health, our mental health, and our emotional health. For example, the lack of sleep, exercise, and/or improper nutrition can complicate and overall health.

Counseling can help you check in with your body and learn and develop necessary skills to to help reduce stress that supports your overall health. 

The Spirit.


The spirit plays an integral role in our over all health. In fact, healthy spirituality has been linked to the decrease in anxiety and depression symptoms, lower risk of high blood pressure and heart related issues, as well as increase positive thinking.

Counseling can help you cultivate and foster spiritual practices through an array of mindfulness philosophies that help identifying your values that can lead to the discovery of your true self. 

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